Apr 212015

ESU #9’s annual Invention Convention was held on Thursday, April 15, 2015 at North Shore Assembly of God Church. The following students received awards at this event (invention names are listed after each student’s school):

Division I
1st Place – Kelyn Henry-Perlich, Longfellow – Brain Buds
2nd Place – Abby Fielder, Alcott – Soulmate
3rd Place – Tatum Sullivan & Halle Bargen, Superior – Fabric Hopscotch 3000
Innovation Award – Evan Struss & Braydon Power, Alcott – School Organizer

Division II
1st Place – Campbell Schukei, Longfellow – Super Hot Water Saver
2nd Place – Carly Davis & Faith Cowling, Alcott – My Makeup Manager
3rd Place – Holden O’Dey & Grant Trausch, AC Wallace – Shoe Freshener/Dryer
Innovation Award – Eleanor Oliver, Longfellow – Dr. Never Wait

Division III
1st Place – Pauline Jonglertham, Longfellow – The Oxygen Converter (TOC)
2nd Place – Ryan Bauer, Hawthorne – BB Saving Target
3rd Place – Emma Consbruck, Longfellow – Soccer Sweeper
Innovation Award – Delaney Mullen, Longfellow – The Allergy Detective

Division IV
1st Place – Jayden Mohler & Weslynn Williams, Superior – Heated Hands
2nd Place – Sierra Blackburn & Teghan Sullivan, Superior – Saver Jacket
3rd Place – Kaylee Flaata & Morgan Theis, Superior – De-Corner
Innovation Award – Tate Rothchild, Superior – Head Sling

Recycle/Repurpose/Reuse – materials and cash prize donated by Sue Brown from Calico Cottage:
1st Place ($50) – Pauline Jonglertham, Longfellow
2nd Place ($25) – Kaylee Flaata, Superior
3rd Place ($15) – Luke Erickson, Longfellow


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Apr 202015

The annual ESU9 Chess Tournament was held on April 15, 2015. Thirty-five students from Adams Central Jr-Sr High, AC Wallace Elementary and AC Juniata Elementary participated.

Final Results:
Division 1 (Grades 3 & 4) – 1st Place – Xander, 2nd Place – Dylan, 3rd Place – Riley
Division 2 (Grades 5 & 6) – 1st Place – Devon, 2nd Place – Macguire, 3rd Place – Dylan
Division 3 (High School) 1st Place – Jacob, 2nd Place – Sebastian, 3rd Place – Cale.


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Apr 012015

Job Openings

Sign Language Interpreter, 1.0 FTE – Educational Service Unit #9, Hastings, NE: work as part of a team with students in educational setting. An EIPA score of 3.5 or higher is required for this position. Previous educational interpreter experience is preferred.   Contact Sue at 402-463-5611 or email sue.czaplewski@esu9.us for information. Closing date for applications is April 17th. Apply on-line at http://hr.site.esu9.org/employment-opportunities/applications. Veterans Preference applies to job opening.


Deaf Educator, Educational Service Unit #9, Hastings, NE; provide direct and consultative services to students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing; supportive environment and staff development. Competitive salary and benefits. Contact Sue at 402-463-5611 or sue.czaplewski@esu9.us for information. Closing date for applications is April 17th. Apply on-line at http://hr.site.esu9.org/employment-opportunities/applications. Veterans Preference applies to job opening.

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Mar 102015

Register for all classes through ESU 9 unless otherwise noted.

Instructor on Record
# of Credits1
May 26-27, 2015
Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement
(Data Retreat)
Jackie Ediger 1 ED588DA
May 28-29
Anita Archer
Day 1 – Writing Instruction for Grades 3-12
Day 2 – Instructional Design, Powerful Practice & Productive Feedback
Jackie Ediger 1 ED588WI
May 30 – June 30 Enhancing Instructional Practice (Independent Study)3 Jackie Ediger 1 or 3 ED588EIP
June 3-4 Marcia Tate
Day 1 – Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites – 20 Instructional Strategies
Day 2 – Assessment: How Do We Know They Are Learning
Jackie Ediger 1 ED588BA
 June 8-9 Let’s Fill Your Bucket (Technology Integration) Jackie Ediger 1 ED588LF
June 10-11 Blended Learning and LMS Jackie Ediger 1 ED588BL
June 15-16 Process Science Inquiry At It’s Best
Day 1 – POGIL Science
Day 2 – Science Fair 101
Jackie Ediger 1 ED588PS
June 15-19 UNL Math (NMSSI) –  Discrete Mathematics for Teachers4 Jessica Thompson 3 MATH 805T
June 17-18 Robotics in K-12 Jackie Ediger 1 ED588R
June 22-24 Coding in the Classroom with Paul Clark Jackie Ediger 2  ED588CC

1See individual class for ESU9 Registration fee (https://connect.esu9.org)

2Hastings College:  Cost: $180 per credit hour

3Contact Jackie Ediger (jackie.ediger@esu9.us) to register or for more information

4Register through UNL

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Feb 232015

Quiz Bowl competitions were held on February 17, 18, & 19. The following teams placed in their respective competitions:

Elementary (Grades 4-6)
1st Place – St. Cecilia
2nd Place – Hastings Middle School Black
3rd Place – Superior

Junior High (Grades 7-8)
1st Place – Hastings Middle School Black
2nd Place – Hampton
3rd Place – St. Cecilia 7th Grade

High School Competition (Grades 9-12) 1st and 2nd place will attend the state competition in Holdrege.
1st Place – Hastings High 1
2nd Place – St. Cecilia 2
3rd Place – Blue Hill

Check out the great photos on our Facebook page.

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